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User Settings

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Displays settings available for all modules.
settings 1 true


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Adds an editor to the page to create posts. Provides some options for creating feeds and specifying which feeds different types of posts should be added to.
writer 1 true

View Analytics

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Works with the Graph and Grid modules and data from the Analytics module to display available data.
viewanalytics 1 true

Slide Show

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Adds a set of images as a slide show to a page using the Slides javascript library.
slider 1 true


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Subscribe to feeds and view them in a timeline, with optional support for using channels.
reader 1 true


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Renders individual posts on the page. This module is also responsible for sending and receiving webmentions.
post 1 false


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Sets the number of posts per page on feed pages and adds navigation links. This module is also responsible for creating the extra pages used by the feed.
pager 1 true

Map Viewer

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Adds a map to the page using the Leaflet javascript library. Supports setting location, zoom level and adding markers to the map.
mapper 1 true


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Add a data grid to the page that uses the SlickGrid javascript library. It is designed to be used with other modules that look for a grid module on the page which they can use to display their data.
grid 1 true


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Add custom graphs to a page using the jqPlot javascript library. This module is integrated with other modules which add data to be displayed.
graph 1 true

User Details

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This module is added to a user's home page to display their details. Since this page represents a user's identity, it also provides a number of endpoints for services supported by Dobrado.
detail 1 true

Contact Form

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Add a customizable contact form to a page.
contact 1 true


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Renders individual comments on the page.
comment 1 false

Comment Manager

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This module adds native comments to a page. It supports creating lists of urls to allow and block, which are checked when adding either native comments or replies received via webmention to a post. It also allows locking comments on a page so that no more native comments can be added.
commenteditor 1 true

File Browser

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The File Browser module allows you to upload images and other files to your website. It is integrated with other modules so that you can add images to a post or other places file selection is required.
browser 1 true


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The Analytics module is added to every page when installed so that all page requests can be logged. The data stored by this module can be viewed using the View Analytics module.
analytics 1 false

Automatic Updates

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Keep track of updates to Dobrado and install them automatically.
autoupdate 1 true